Congrats on joining us - It's time to start your first calls

Your first calls will be health assessments with all the folks who have been asking what you are doing and those close to you who have a need.  Down the road, you will be reaching out to everyone you know and sharing what you are doing on a share call (your business coach will guide you to these trainings when its time).  

Let’s talk inviting to a Health Assessment:

  • This is an Invite to a call  – don’t go into answering questions about our programs, cost, details etc. 
  • The goal is to move the conversation to a Health Assessment with your business coach.
  • If they start asking you questions or for details, let them know that you don’t want to answer their questions incorrectly, ask: “Can we get on a call with my Health Coach so that you can learn about the program and I can learn too?!”
  • Here’s a great resource to use as you start inviting:

Here’s some helpful language to invite to a call via phone or text :

 Hey _____! How are you?! Whats going on with (fill in the blank of something you would ask them about). Im not sure if you know or not, but I started on a health journey and  I’m just absolutely loving it!   I  feel amazing and have already lost (add. Weight loss) in (add time frame).   I love the program so much that I decided to become a health coach and help others feel this way too! Part of my training is learning how to have a coaching conversation so I am reaching out to my closest friends & family.  Would you hop on a 30 or so minute call with my coach and I? It will help me withy training and you can learn a little about the program at the same time!   Thanks so much!  
If they ask questions- what is it , how much does it cost, etc etc. Just let me know ” Hey those are great questions! If you can, just write them down and we can talk about them on our call so I can learn from my business coach! “
*The trainings below are an advanced deeper dive into Approach. PLEASE CONNECT with your support team to verify if this video is right for you at this time!

– Dan Bell’s Fundamentals Training – Approach a Coach Candidate

– Dan Bell’s Fundamentals Training – Approach a Client Candidate