Starting your Health Assessment Zooms/Calls

You will be doing a Health Assessment with all the folks you know have a need and the door is already open for a conversation.  Your business coach will walk alongside you for the first 5-6 calls to teach you the “art” of this conversation. 

Here are some helpful tips and resources for your calls/zooms

  • Your business coach will do the first 1-2 calls/zooms for you, then 1-2 with you & 1-2 alongside you
  •  Make sure you send your online health evaluation (jotform) to your potential client and get it back before your call. Here is a helpful resource to continue to utilize your online health evaluation (jotform):
  • Share your potential clients health evaluation (jotform), when you get it, with your business coach – you will review it together before the call
  • You will Debrief after calls/zooms to “adjust” & learn the “art” of the calls
  • Learn to ask questions, listen, teach referring & layer coaching
  • Learn to find the WHY (see helpful training links below)
  • Your health assessment will result in start-up or follow-up

Have the following documents available for first zoom/call

  • Your potential clients online health evaluation (jotform)
  • If your potential client did not complete the online evaluation, here is a printable health assessment:
    Click here to print  (Click to open & print page 1-2)
  • Health Assessment Talking Points: Click here to print  (print 1 copy)
  •  Best Plan Flow sheet: Click here to print (print 1 copy)
  • TS New Coach Checklist: Click here to print (Click to open & print)

When you’ve completed approximately 5 – 6 health assessments – CONGRATS!!!!! Are you ready to solo or do a few more?  Connect with your support team!

Other Helpful Resources for Present

Finding the WHY:

*The trainings below are an advanced deeper dive into Approach. PLEASE CONNECT with your support team to verify if this video is right for you at this time!