Share Calls

Many of your calls will be health assessments, but many will be share calls with your friends and family sharing all the exciting components to what you’re doing. Here’s some great resources you can use along with the assistance of your support team! 

Download this Share Call outline before your first call: 

When you do a share call and say “now that you know what i do, who do you know i can assist?”, it will end one of 3 ways:

1) They will want to do a health assessment with you for themselves

2) They will want to refer a friend or family member – you will give them the language to connect you and share your online health evaluation with them

3) They can’t think of anyone in the moment – you will give them the language to refer to you as they come across folks who may need you. Be sure to share your online health evaluation with them

Follow-up message for your folks to refer to you:

Susie!  Great catching up with your today! Thank you for the time you gave me so that I could share about the program that I am coaching.  I am so excited to be able to walk along side others and assist them to live a healthier life!  As you think of friends and family that are looking to get healthy please either connect us in a group text or message or you can share my health evaluation link with them.  Here is my link!  (INCLUDE YOUR PERSONAL LINK).   I’ll keep you updated on how much I am loving coaching!  Appreciate your support!

Share Call Tips