Layering & Exploring Coaching

Here are all the resources you’ll need to layer and explore coaching with candidates. 


Layering coaching starts on the health assessment. As you get to know your clients, you will find how coaching will rock their world. Here are 2 helpful tools that will assist you to discover your clients “WHY” for coaching, would they be an excellent coach candidate and to layer coaching and community. As you are evolving as a coach, your support team will teach you the art of layering.

When you have someone to who is ready to explore:

**We recommend doing your Coach Explore zooms with a qualified FIBC in your support team **

  • Setup a group message with your support team and your coach candidate
  • Send your candidate an explore coaching webinar
  • Schedule a time in the message for your explore zoom
  • Verify they have watched the webinar before the zoom
  • When your Candidate is ready to coach go to the “First Steps” tab on the business coach hub

Helpful Resources:

Trilogy Webinars for Potential Coaches

When sharing Optimal Health/Coaching with others, these recorded zooms are a great tool for helping to awaken your candidate to the possibilities. Please take a few minutes and get familiar with these presentations so you can decide which one would be best to send.

  • **Here’s a really helpful document for you to use as you explore coaching with your potential coachesCoach Explore Document
  • **We recommend doing your Coach Explore zooms with a qualified FIBC in your support team **





Audience Specific Trilogy Webinars

Below are recorded trilogy presentations for specific groups (Moms, Health Professionals, Fitness, Chiropractors, etc.) The webinars are directed at those who want to learn more about health coaching. Please connect with your support team for assistance in how to best use them.

No Weight Loss: OPTAVIA Updated 12-12-17

ALL Health Professionals