Welcome to our coaching community!

Excited to partner with you! Use this hub along with your support team and the New Health Coach Checklist.Save the hub to your homescreen for easy access (here’s a video on how to save the page to your home screen: https://vimeo.com/434388046/c870f070f7)  This will be a great resource not only for your training but also for your continued growth as a coach. So let’s get started…

Currently, there will be NO live New Coach Trainings!!! Here are 2 awesome recordings to share with your new coaches.

NEW COACHES: Here are awesome recordings of Part 1 & Part 2:

Part 1: https://vimeo.com/797722515/bbe9c5f4ff

Part 2: https://vimeo.com/798187100/febe619bac

**If you have someone asking what you are doing & ready for a Health Assessment now, connect with your business coach, do that health assessment with them & then come back here for next steps**

As you begin your coaching journey, you’ll want to create your own personal online health evaluation link.  Here is the instruction to do this: CLICK HERE

Your coach will walk you through how to utilize your link when you do your getting started call.


The Team SNAPP website, which includes your New Coach Training Hub, requires registration. Please follow the document below step by step to ensure you get registered correctly.  Please allow 2 hours to receive your registration email. After you register, you will get an approval email with a password.  Check your junk mail if you do not see an email & allow 24 hours for approval