Let's Start Your Share List (Identify)

Your first calls will be health assessments with all the folks who have been asking what you are doing and those close to you who have a need.  Down the road, you will be reaching out to everyone you know and sharing sharing your excitement and what you’re doing in case there’s someone in their life you can help. (your business coach will guide you to these trainings when its time). 

  • Grab a piece of paper & start writing your share list starting with the people you know have a need.
  • STOP -Connect with your health coach for language to setup your calls
  • Your 1’s – the people who have been asking what you are doing
    • These will be the first friends/family that you will be reaching out to share & do a health assessment with alongside your business coach.
    • Let’s start with your 1st 5-6 friends/family
  • Your 2’s – who do you love and care about that you want to help
  • Your 3’s….EVERYONE else

*The trainings below are an advanced deeper dive into Approach. PLEASE CONNECT with your support team to verify if this video is right for you at this time!