Follow up IS KEY to helping people choose to get started on their health journey. It is not uncommon for folks to not be ready after the first conversation. As a health coach, our role is to awaken others to their potential and to move them forward at their pace when they are ready. The first 2-3 times you do a follow-up call, you will do them with your support team so they can transfer the skills to you.

Follow-up after the initial Health assessment

  • Print this follow questions document to use as a reference on your follow-up calls: Click Here to print
  • Before the initial call ends, set a follow-up call for 24 – 48 hours
  • Initial follow-up is always done on call/zoom
  • Place them in the “follow-up” section of your binder
  • Immediately following the call send a text or message. Here is an example follow-up message to send:

Andy! It was SO nice chatting with you tonight!! You have awesome goals & i can already see you losing those 40 lbs, having more energy for your family and going hiking in the summer!  Look forward to chatting with you more on Wednesday @ 10 am.  Of course call or text if you have questions or you’re ready to get started before then!  Check out the healthy hangout client community FB page, you will love it!! Also, here is a brief video and a great overview.  Charlyn has an amazing story!   The Life book is one of the primary tools our clients use and I know you will love it!b. Here are the first 2 elements to download and begin reading.  I know you will love it! I look forward to chatting with you & partnering with you on your journey!  Have a great night, Andy!

Here are a few resources that you can choose from to send:


Ongoing Follow-up trainings:

If you do the follow-up call and they still are not ready, maintain the relationship to let them know you will be there when they are ready. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Go into “Friend” mode
  • Add them to your newsletter
  • Add them to a pre-client contact group in your contacts
  • Confirm you are facebook friends
  • Confirm they are on your Client community FB page
  • Add them to your hotlist & touch them weekly through their fb page & in messenger
  • Keep them updated on your journey
  • Send value (recipes, invites to zooms, etc)


Not all of you follow-up “touches” will be about their health journey. Stay connected in “friend” mode. 2-3 “friend” touches, then a “health” touch.

*The trainings below are an advanced deeper dive into Approach. PLEASE CONNECT with your support team to verify if this video is right for you at this time!