Coaching Through Transition

Congratulations! Your Client is Ready to Transition

  • If we approach transition with only nutrition focus it will be like any diet, so keep ALL tools part of the process of transition like you did for weight loss phase
  • If this is the first client you are assisting through transition – do it along side your business coach

The Key to transitioning your clients to optimizing their health:

  • Start talking about the transition phase from the beginning of their journey.
  • Like the 5-1, transition should be simple 
  • Use the tools
    • Transition chart in the Optavia guide  
    • Use coaching guide with Element 14, 15,
    • Reference healthy 100 cal snacks in the Habits of Health
    • At 4th week calculate TEE and provide meal plan (keep it simple) 
  • Staying connected
  • Set new goals with concept of STC Element 3 

Transition Training