Getting Social (Facebook)

FaceBook is a great tool to accelerate relations!  So fun to reconnect with old friends, make new friends and build relationships.  It’s a great way to live your life out loud!  Your health and life journey as a coach will inspire others to see what is possible for their life!  So let’s get started!  We’re going to walk you through some simple steps to keep FB fun, simple and to show up authentically.

Milestone Posts Document: Click here to download and print


Simple Steps to Pre-launch

Pre Launch is our way to start getting a little social while you are doing your first 5-6 calls with your coach. Remember – nothing about health yet!

  • Make your facebook page public. Here’s how:
  • Profile pic of YOU, Cover photo catchy
  • How many FB friends are you starting with
  • “Cleanup” your facebook page – positive posts, no sharing posts
  • Post at least 1 personal post daily on your page. (a pic of you out having fun with the family, selfie on the way to work, your pet, kids, etc). Be Sneaky – don’t show your weight loss 🙂
  • As people comment on your posts, REPLY to their comments within 24 hours (nothing about coaching or health, simply be a friend)
  • As people like on your posts, go over to their page and like/comment on one of their posts
  • A – Z commenting – you will want to do this from your phone (CLICK HERE to learn how to A – Z)

Facebook Launch

You’ve been getting active on your facebook page for about 1 week while you’ve been doing your first 5-6 calls with your coach. Now you are ready to launch facebook by sharing your story! Get ready to inspire others to see what is possible for their lives!

So click on this short video below (coming soon), look at the tips below and connect with your support team.

The goal is to build relationships, see who is ready to learn more and move the conversation from facebook to the phone. Get ready to inspire your friends and transform many lives!

Here is a helpful document:
Facebook Launch Guide

Here are some helpful videos as you start your launch:

Launching Facebook for New Coaches and Business Coaches:

Working Facebook Beyond Your Launch

WOW! How much fun was it to share your story! I bet you were surprised by how many people celebrated you, old friends you connected with and folks that you inspired and they wanted to learn more.

Now it’s time to keep going by continuing to show up and share your ongoing journey re your health and your journey as a coach, strengthen current relationships and build new relationships. This will allow you to inspire many to create health!

Here is a helpful document to go along with the video:  Working Facebook Beyond Launch