Coaching Beyond Day 4

Congratulations! Your client has completed their 1st 4 days

  • Now that you’ve coached your clients into a strong fat burn and started integrating them into their Lifebook & HOH System, it’s time to take a deeper dive with them.
    • Continue using the Client support checklist & the TS Starting and Integrating your clients document 
    • Begin using your OPTAvia Coaching Guide
    • Utilize the coach resources tab for additional text resources as you clients continue their journey
    • Move to weekly calls
    • After your client has completed Day 4, Remind them it’s time to post their 1st milestone post on day 8. 
    • After they post their 1st milestone post, your coach will assist you to work the post.  Here is the Milestone post document you will be using.  Click here to print
    • Remember you’ll be scheduling their 1st CCC on Day 9 or 10
    • For your 1st 2 clients, you will be doing the celebration with your coach as you are co-coaching
    • You will do this with all clients moving forward