Coaching (Days 1-4)

Congratulations! Your 1st client is ready to start their fueling plan

  • You will be co-coaching your first 2 clients (maybe more if needed) with your support team
  • Clients 3-5 your support team will stay close (and in their fb message)
  • Confirm their start date and schedule their Journey Kick-Off call/Zoom
  • For your call you will want to have:
  • After their journey kickoff – your coach will assist you to work your 1st 2 client’s accountability posts. Here is the Milestone post document you will be using.  Click here to print
  • At the end of your Day 1 – 4 calls, schedule the next day’s call
  • Continue the daily texts for your clients through Day 8
  • After your client has completed Day 4, Remind them it’s time to post their 1st milestone post on day 8. 
  • Remember you’ll be scheduling their 1st CCC on Day 9 or 10
  • Your client will now move to weekly calls 
  • There are optional biweekly and weekly texts beyond the Explore Options text if you choose to use them


  • Listen to how your coach guides your clients to the tools & layers coaching on the calls
*The trainings below are an advanced deeper dive into Approach. PLEASE CONNECT with your support team to verify if this video is right for you at this time!