TIPS as you work thru & reach out to your Candidate LIST:

  • This is an Invite to a call  – do not go into answering questions about our programs, cost, details etc. The goal is to share and find their why and to assist you with training
  • Goal is to move the conversation to a Health Assessment with your business coach.
  • If they start asking you questions or for details, let them know that you don’t want to answer their questions incorrectly, ask: “Can we get on a call with my Health Coach so that you can learn about the program and I can learn too?!”

Cadence and Objectives of the Invite Call:

  • Share WHY you are calling
  • A bit about your success story (WHY you are so excited)
  • That you would like to invite them to explore Health (during a Health Assessment)
    • To find out their current health, goals & what they are looking for
    • To share information with them & answer any questions
    • To assist them to begin when they are ready
    • To have your Health Coach on the line so you can share the correct information and learn how to best assist people
  • Invite them to the call by asking when they would be available?

*These trainings are an advanced deeper dive into Approach. PLEASE CONNECT with your support team to verify if this video is right for you at this time! 

– Dan Bell’s Fundamentals Training – Approach a Coach Candidate

– Dan Bell’s Fundamentals Training – Approach a Client Candidate