Team coaching

Refer to "Coach" section of New Coach Hub

Business coach coaches first 5 clients with new coach: 
  • REMINDER: As you’re moving your new coach to Senior Coach, you will be transferring the soft skills, system and structure of coaching. To do this, remember to use your business coach checklist and walk alongside your new coach as they move though the new coach hub. Remember it is your role to teach them and confirm it has been taught. 
  • Best practices for transferring the skill of client support is to keep all communication for first 5 clients in their support message.
  • Make sure they have printed “TS – Client Support Checklist & I+Q=A (Coach Candidate form)” & “TS Starting & Integrating your clients” document
  • You are transferring the skills of journey kick off,  day 1-4 & coaching the HOH
  • Client #1 to model for new coach for first 2 weeks 
  • Client #2 watch/do with new coach for first 2 weeks 
  • Client #3 – 5 watch support message and assist as needed (schedule CCC at 1 week)
  • Create a sponsoring culture – transfer the skills to the new Health Coach of listening for clues about how health coaching could serve the client
Once New Coach achieves Senior Coach: 
  • Here is a Senior Coach Celebration outline to assist you: CLICK HERE
  • Schedule time via zoom to celebrate. What are they loving about being a coach so far?  What are their dreams for the future?  How will OPTAVIA help them move forward?
  • They have 5 clients – who will be their first coach?
  • During this zoom you will review the new coach’s systems, check client support/integration, sponsoring, dream weaving for what’s their next goal and setting the action steps. to achieve that.