Welcome to Team Snapp!

We are thrilled that you have made the decision to assist the hope & health of America! Mike and I are very passionate about supporting our clients and team. We have set up this web site to help you get started providing excellent support and to grow a strong business allowing you the ability to impact the lives of many.

Here are some initial best practices:

  1. CONNECT with your support team – There’s a lot of valuable information here, but not all of it is needed at first. If you’re just starting, your coach will walk you through through the NEW COACH section of this site.
  2. Watch the video below – Get to know us! Team Snapp is all about walking you through this journey until you can take off on your own and chase your dreams. Learn more about who we are!
  3. Initial Steps – Your coach will tell you where to start, but below the video you’ll see a couple ways to stay in touch and get resources sent directly to you!